Bienvenue sur Radio-Livres

Comme Facebook, problèmes techniques aujourd’hui, mais nous redémarerons bientôt avec une  nouvelle programmation.

A partir de demain, nous mettrons en ligne des audio sur le Myanmar.


Formation en ligne, dictée, exercices de mathématiques

Chroniques de livres, retrouvez Michel Raimbaud, ambassadeur retraité,

Nous reprendrons à partir de début septembre nos leçons de français pour débutants grâce à Nathalie du FLE. Nous prendrons nos textes dans les paroles des chansons de Jean Ferrat.

A partir de demain nous reprenons un jour, un chanteur français, Le lundi Jean Ferrat.

Ci-dessous des nouvelles de Birmanie (Myanmar) qui ne sont pas réjouissantes.

Cette semaine nos programmes seront de nouveau sur 24.00 heures

Nos formations s’enrichissent (voir la page formation à distance avec SOFA).


La situation au Myanmar. On est hélas dans l’horreur.

Voici une lettre de l’évêque de Mandalay :

Dear Father Olivier,

Thank you very much for your email and the projects. Congratulations to you all MEP for the elected Bishop Gilles.As for us the situation is heartbreaking everyday.Here we are facing another disaster. Infections are rising up in Myanmar, in a crisis made worse by shortages of critical medical equipment. Patients slumped in makeshift beds, oxygen canisters at their feet. Emptied hospitals are battling to keep their Covid-19 patients alive as the virus resurges, no room, no preparation, no doctor, no nurse. The service to patients has collapsed. This healthcare system has collapsed as Myanmar’s doctors have been at the forefront of a nationwide civil disobedience movement.

Many stricken by the coronavirus are also avoiding military hospitals due to mistrust of the junta, with their loved ones instead joining long queues across the country to try their luck for oxygen cylinders. As you know before the coup, prevention against Covid-19 was good and the government often released notices and announcements. But after the coup, we are afraid. Dozens of blue oxygen cylinders waiting to be refilled stretched along the streets in cities. Ambulance with Covid-19; written across one window in yellow letters are passing by us every minute and many and many corps are lining up in the cemetery to be burned.

I know that you are praying for us. We are serving as much as we can. Three priests are sick of Covid positive and three staff of finance are under us for treatment. Many Catholics are infected and many are dead.

Have a nice stay there. See you.

Marco Tin Win